Get Close to Your Horse – Naturally

At Healing Horses we use a method of “Approach” and “Retreat” to really get close to our horses through a non-threatening, natural way of communication. Try this the next time you find yourself wondering why your horse keeps moving away from you – we hope you have success with it.

Before you start to approach your horse, check your body language. You want to use non-threatening, almost submissive body language i.e. quiet disposition, no direct eye contact, head down, a relaxed posture. When you start to approach your horse, do so quietly but observantly. As soon as you notice any apprehension, tension or nervousness in your horse (you will know these signs already, or if you are new to this, you will soon be able to spot them) then stop and quietly and submissively retreat a couple of steps. This action will allow your horse to relax again.

Repeat this sequence and each time notice how your horses demeanor toward you changes. And each time you should be able to get closer. Just don’t push past the point of pressure where your horse actually moves away from you.

Depending on your relationship with your horse this way of getting close may take just a minute, or it may take much longer. But by doing this consistently and correctly, your horse will begin to realize and accept that you are not a threat, and allow you to enter a shared space where together you will connect with a higher level of mutual trust.

Good luck … and let me know how you get on.


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