Round Pen Communication

Used correctly and with compassion, the round pen can be a wonderful environment for each of us to create a positive relationship with our horse, based on mutual understanding and clearly understood communication.

Each horse who is rehabilitated through Healing Horses is respectfully introduced to the round pen. It is here, where the initial evaluation and assessment of their physical and psychological condition takes place.Katie evaluation

By interacting with and observing how each horse connects and responds, a specific plan of care can be created that is tailored to meet their particular circumstance and needs.

With respectful handling, this initial meeting becomes the starting point for the horses rehabilitation and healing.

On an ongoing basis, Healing Horses believes in and promotes the continued use of the round pen as a schooling environment which, for the horses, becomes a safe and secure place of learning and communication between them and Katie.

Katie & Round Pen

Working all horses at liberty allows these magnificent souls to move and react in balance with nature and their handler. They respond to body signals, which is the para-language that exists between horses and humans.

Chief & Katie round pen

To this day Katie and Chief, her companion of 15 years, spend their special time communicating and connecting in the round pen.

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