Sadly, this poor horse, who we named Molly, suffered horribly at the hands of humans. She has lost an eye from some cruel injury and she had been terribly neglected.

Molly's eye

She arrived at Healing Horses terrified and uncertain, not wanting close contact with humans. She was malnourished, underweight and desperately needed care.

Molly malnourished

Fortunately, with constant attention and TLC she started to connect, and after months of rehab she is now looking and feeling much better. Who would have known that she was such a stunning golden Palomino with a gorgeous mane and tail.

Molly adopted

Today, Molly is living happily in her forever loving home after being adopted by her foster Mom. She has a best equine friend and they are inseparable. She is healthy … and she is adored. We love happy endings :)

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