Sister Cloud

A year and a few days – that’s how long it is since Sister Cloud graced our pastures. The day she arrived she was suffering terribly from malnutrition. She was emaciated and had a heavy parasitic infestation. She had been severely neglected, was nervous and showed signs of being emotionally deprived. Her feet had not been receiving attention and were overgrown. Her skin was stretched taught over her delicate frame.

Sister Cloud Arrival

However, it didn’t take many days for us to realize how intelligent she was and to start watching her become alert to her surroundings. She quickly connected with Morocco and they both started to make great strides together.

Sister Cloud & Morocco

As she became stronger, she began her rehabilitation and incredibly, despite her prior treatment, she showed an amazing willingness to connect with people. She also displayed a very quiet and relaxed personality – what lessons she was teaching us.

Sister Cloud & Katie Holme

Through the Spring months Sister Cloud has gained weight and grown. She is now happy and healthy and kicking up her heels with her two best friends Morocco and Mojo.

Sister Cloud, Morocco & Mojo

Oh, and she loves the two-leggeds at Healing Horses :) and almost always leaves her little herd to come for attention. Today she just wanted to pose for her anniversary picture.

Sister Cloud Now

Because of her gentle disposition she is easy to connect with, but her very special gift is forming heartfelt bonds with people seeking solace in their lives. She really is a Healing Horse.

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