Sassalita arrived at Healing Horses just before the winter set in last year. Timid, nervous and uncertain around people, she kept herself to herself and was wary of anyone who came near. She had suffered years of neglect and abuse while she was “used” for breeding, until she was no longer needed.

Sassalita timid and uncertain

She spent the winter at one of our wonderful foster homes, where love, care and commitment to her welfare was absolute. Thank you so much Anne!

As Spring got into full swing, Sassalita came to our Healing Horses home, to receive ongoing rehabilitation and connection. She progressed quickly and became calm and willing to engage with Katie. But she still seemed to be more comfortable on her own.

Sassalita still seeking

After a few weeks, we took in another mare with a very sweet disposition and they immediately connected – within minutes! And now they share a pasture and wooded area together. Happy and content, and connecting more every day.

Sassalita and friend

Sassalita is proving to be a true Healing Horse. She has an extraordinary ability to connect to people in need – those humans who have suffered at the hands of others in some way. The only remnant of her past? … the tattoo scar on her shoulder – the mark of cruel deeds. It is a reminder to us, as it should be – we will not forget!

So today, she has found not only a new best equine friend, but also a forever loving home at Healing Horses, where she is adored. We will do everything in our power to protect her. She is a member of our family now.

Sassalita safe and secure

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