2012 – A Busy Year

We just want to let everyone know that 2012 was an incredibly busy year. There were horses being rescued, donkeys being rescued, and even some cats and dogs!

A poor soul in need

Healing Horses intervened in some way for over 50 horses in need. Not every one needed to be rescued, because a key goal in our work is to “get out in front of” the neglect and abuse. So intervention, based on our connections and network, often stops bad situations from getting worse, and the horses are guided to a new and better existence.

There was also a lot of healing with horses. People coming to the horses to ease their anxiety, face their traumas and work to dispel their grief and/or fears. This is a vital area of work for Healing Horses and will continue with more emphasis in 2013. If more people knew the incredible power of horses to heal, we believe the lives of horses would be more revered and their place in this world would be one with greater respect and value. And hence, less abuse and neglect.

Healing with Horses - Shaman

So what does 2013 hold?

Well, we hope to post updates here more frequently, but it depends on getting time away from the horses – who are our first priority – so no promises!

We also hope to spend more time at Sacred Spirits Sanctuary, now the official home of Healing Horses. There’s a lot of work to do just to keep up with the maintenance, never mind enhancements.

And, we know there will be horses needing to be rescued, people’s hearts needing to be healed and our message still needs to be spread far and wide.

Snuggles with Katie

So thank you all for your support. We will always be able to use your financial support to help and heal our wonderful equine friends. Fundraising does remain a challenge for us! We hope that someday, our work of rescue will not be needed anymore, but until then, Healing Horses will continue to aim toward our vision – To end the suffering of horses!

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