When we first set eyes on this poor boy, who was just one of eleven horses at the same location, we were stunned and physically shocked at the level of neglect and abuse. His condition was one of the worst we had seen – starved almost to death – he had obviously suffered horribly.

The first time we saw Duke

Along with all his friends, who were in similar condition, Healing Horses moved them immediately to a safe and secure foster home – Spittin Pond Farm – where we could start them on their intensive care regime. They needed very careful attention and monitoring many times a day. Oh, and Duke was a stallion!

It was touch and go for many days, but soon Duke started to improve. He connected to Katie immediately, seemingly understanding that he had arrived in a secure and compassionate environment.

Duke's healing progresses

Fast forward through his extensive rehabilitation (and gelding), to a very special birthday surprise and the start of Duke’s new life. It was only a few months after his rescue that a young lady named Megan, saw Duke’s picture on our facebook page, and fell in love with him. So when her birthday arrived, she received a very special gift – the Love of her Life – Duke!

The Best Birthday Ever

Today, a year and a half later, the love story continues. Megan adores Duke and they are truly a match made in heaven. Megan even rode Duke in a Healing Horses show last summer. Amazing!

Megan "showing" Duke

This (and other stories like them) makes all the hard work worthwhile. To witness this turnaround, for what was a lost and tortured soul, is so rewarding. And to see this unique and special bond grow between a young lady and her horse is indescribable. We love you Duke and Megan!

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