Relinquished by his owner, who was unable to care for him any longer – Midnight – this magnificent TWH was admitted to Healing Horses in February 2013.

Midnight arrives at Healing Horses

He is wearing padded show shoes on both front feet and will require specialized and extensive farrier work and musculoskeletal rehabilitation to re-balance his hooves and ensure he becomes sound.

At approximately 150-200lbs underweight, his nutritional status is addressed on a daily basis and adjusted according to his progress and body score.

Watching Midnight closely

His personality is lovely and even though he was a bit timid and head-shy the first few days, he is clearly wanting to please.

Today – one week after he arrived – Midnight is happy and relaxed and has made friends with a special pasture buddy named Faith. They are very attached to each other and he is tender and protective toward her.

Midnight and Faith

Midnight and best friend "Faith"

It seems he has a wonderful, bright future as a caretaker and equine therapy horse, and today he began this journey with Katie & Ed at Sacred Spirits Sanctuary – the home of Healing Horses.

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