Mr. Snuggles

Mr Snuggles, now in fine form, was rescued from a desperate situation over 3 years ago by Healing Horses.

Mr. Snuggles at Healing Horses

Mr. Snuggles now

He had been left tied to a tree – abandoned with his mother and ten other horses. Malnourished and frightened, Mr. Snuggles had become fiercely protective of his mother and very aggressive toward people.

His rehabilitation has been lengthy due to his high level of mistrust … and is ongoing

Mr. Snuggles in training at Healing Horses

Mr. Snuggles with trust issues!

However, he is now becoming an extraordinary Healing Horse as his true character and personality are starting to come through, allowing him to become who he truly is, underneath the fear.

Mr. Snuggles accepting Katie

Mr. Snuggles becoming himself

He is very intelligent, sensitive and affectionate and is a great guide and teacher to us all. One of his wonderful lessons, to all who meet him, is in forgiveness.

Mr. Snuggles forgiving humankind, now thet he is healing.

Mr. Snuggles “forgiving”

One of his favorite pastimes now? He loves to run “flat out”, as fast as he can, with his Healing Horses herd. A happy horse, helping people to find healing with horses.

Mr. Snuggles running with his herd

Mr. Snuggles “unbridled”



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