Fiona touched our hearts the moment we saw her. She was one of a larger group (11) we rescued that day, including Duke (who looks like her brother) and Hunter. It was August 2011 – a hot and humid day. She was neglected, malnourished and dehydrated. It was a disturbing scene to witness.

Fiona, one of the eleven rescued horses in August 2011

Fiona – As we first saw her

As we loaded her into the trailer, Ed stood right beside her comforting her, somehow realizing that she needed special attention. It was as if she was reluctant to be moved – undoubtedly uncertain and scared – but knowing at the same time that it could not get any worse.

Once in her new surroundings, she became more relaxed, but continued to concern us with her fragile condition. Katie was watching her closely and administering the critical care she needed. She amazed us with her sweet and gentle soul, and her willingness to forgive.

Fiona and Hunter enjoying fresh hay in safety

Fiona with Hunter – Safe

Fast forward to the beginning of a new life. Fiona gained weight and regained her joyful spirit throughout her rehabilitation, and she was initially adopted from her foster home, with another of her friends Raja. She spent a number of very happy months, fully recovering, re-socializing and getting completely healed. Looking great!

Fiona in her first adoptive home, settled and looking healthy

Fiona with Raja – looking good

So then came the time for her final move. A wonderful lady, who had adopted two of the other beauties from the same group rescue, said that she would love to have Fiona join her family. And it worked out perfectly for all involved – especially Fiona. Here she is in her “forever” home, with her forever Mom, Carol.

Fiona comes home to her forever life

Fiona – at home with her Mom

And with one of her former friends Star, who she now runs and plays with in green pastures.

Fiona at her forever homw with Star

Fiona reunited with Star

We are so happy for her. It really doesn’t get any better than this. Oh, and Ed still thinks about her regularly – she really touched his heart! Happy Days!




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