Who We Are

Healing Horses is a non-profit organization, located near Fort Mill, South Carolina and affiliated with Project HALO – Helping Animals Live On – a highly recognized and respected non-profit animal rescue organization in the southeast U.S.

The work of Healing Horses is managed and directed by its founder, Katie Holme, and is made possible solely through the help and commitment of loyal friends, kind volunteers and the financial support of compassionate and generous individuals and organizations.

Our Vision

To end the suffering of horses.

Our Mission

Healing Horses is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and offering of sanctuary to horses who are victims of trauma or abuse, and to leading people with troubled hearts and spirits to a pathway of healing through the Horse.

There are 4 distinct elements to our work:

Rescue, Rehabilitate, Protect

We will rescue horses who are currently suffering and will rehabilitate them in a calm, compassionate environment. We will find them loving, caring homes, or provide them with sanctuary. We will make them a member of our Healing Horses family.

Guide, Heal, Support

We will guide people with troubled hearts and spirits to the horse and will show them the pathway to healing with the horse. We will support them on this journey, whether short or long.

Inform, Educate, Counsel

We will share information on Healing Horses best practices for building trusting and meaningful relationships with horses, and we will educate those who honestly seek to understand and learn these new skills. We will also counsel those who are challenged in their relationship with their horse.

Document, Prove, Change

We will document the process of healing and prove, through experience and repetition, the incredible potential of horses to bring peace, harmony and balance to the lives of troubled humans. We will work tirelessly to change the perception of the horse, in the minds of all people.

How We Do It

For each horse, healing and rehabilitation is conducted from an equine perspective, through a structured program, which employs gentle, non-traditional methods. The end result are well-behaved, respectful horses that are confident and at ease. Go to rescue & rehab to read more >

For people suffering adversity of the heart and spirit, we bring them to the horse, who is now “the healer”, and who will guide them to a place where they can once again appreciate their true value and potential. It is a place where dignity, purpose, courage and inner peace can be renewed. Go to healing hearts to read more >

girl in red coat on ground with horse

Why Be Involved?

Most of us cannot imagine the act of neglecting, starving, physically abusing, or in some other way traumatizing a horse, but sadly, it does happen – time and time again. We constantly hear about horses that are physically and mentally abused. Some are victims of barbaric devices used to break and hobble them. Some are confined and beaten with only cruelty as a motive. Many suffer so severely from starvation and malnutrition that they can barely stand.

brown horse with head in bucket severely malnourishedlittle white foal near water bucket – very thin

There are also those living in unsanitary conditions with minimal fresh air or daylight, where poor immunization and de-worming practices are the norm, and where basic nutrition and healthcare needs are all but disregarded.

And then, there are the more subtle cases where horses are labeled as unmanageable and dangerous. At this “tipping point” they are scorned first and then abused.  It is then a downward spiral to either cruelty or neglect – or both.

Through a well established and vigilant network, Healing Horses learns about, and finds ways to connect with these horses, then works tirelessly to deliver them from suffering to safety. With timely intervention, these horses can be lovingly rehabilitated and live happy contented lives. They can once again become well-adjusted horses of which owners can be proud.

Dozens of horses are helped each year – many of them severely traumatized or near death when rescued. Today, these horses are nickering for their oats and nibbling sweet grass in the paddocks of their new homes.

horses happy in pastures 1

“Once that happens, we achieve our mission,” says Katie, Healing Horses founder.

How Can You Help?

With the generous support of caring individuals, community organizations and companies, Healing Horses will continue, every day to make a positive impact on the lives of horses in need.

Many of the horses rescued have gone too long without food, or have been living in unsanitary conditions. They are suffering from severe malnutrition and other health issues that require medical intervention from vets. This can include everything from combating intestinal parasites, to joint and hoof problems, to critical cases requiring surgery.

In all cases, Healing Horses will provide the necessary supplies – grain, hay, supplements, medical supplies, etc., to see each of these horses through their full rehabilitation. We will also cover veterinarian costs for tests and medical procedures.

This can only happen with the financial support of people who believe in the work of Healing Horses, and who care about the well being of the horses.

Please support Healing Horses through your giving. Thank you. Donate >