healing hearts

Within our reach, is a pathway to healing and inner peace through horses and their spirit.

As we journey through life, many of us get lost and hurt. We suffer in seen and unseen emotional, physical and spiritual ways. We end up with broken hearts and shattered souls, sometimes frightened of our very own shadow. Many of us struggle for years, desperately seeking relief and comfort from our pain. We try traditional treatments and untraditional therapies – not knowing when it will get better, if ever. As our suffering continues and often intensifies, we seek relief through other means – a solitary existence, withdrawal from friends, prescription medications, alcohol, drugs, and/or other destructive behaviors.

At Healing Horses we know that horses can help us heal. They can be our guide, to help us understand, explore and realize who we are as people and the unique strengths that each of us possess. We have experienced it first hand and we have witnessed it with others.

Certain horses seem to have a greater ability to instantly help people who are suffering. It may be their character, or it could be the degree of pain and suffering they themselves have endured. Shaman is just one of those horses. He has had an incredible affect on so many people with his gentle, intuitive ways.

Shaman is an intuitive healer

Healing Hearts With Healing Horses is a specialized healing program using the horse as guide and teacher. Since each person is different and faces his/her own unique challenges, the program is tailored to meet each individuals needs.

NOTE: We are very respectful of every individuals privacy and therefore act with the utmost confidentiality in this program and do not publish pictures without permission, or specific stories here.

By interacting with horses, each person is constantly given the opportunity to grow and change, with no fear of being judged or criticized. Over time, this forms a wonderful, mutually inspiring relationship, that for many is life-changing.

The program facilitates this healing through personal growth, self-awareness, inner strength and the development of personal courage within a safe, peaceful and non-competitive environment with the horse.

We have seen healing occur in people with all sorts of conditions, but some of the more common ailments the horses will help with are, PTSD, eating disorders, addictive behaviors, depression, fear and stress, as well as sadness and melancholy brought about by the loss of a loved one, terminal illness or separation/divorce.

If you feel that Healing Hearts With Healing Horses could benefit you, or a friend or family member who is suffering, please Contact us >

Katie Holme is the Director of Healing Horses and offers the Healing Hearts program.

Katie Holme and Chief - Healing with Horses

She herself suffered a trauma 18 years ago that left her with severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and all of its devastating, life-changing effects. In an effort to recover, she researched and engaged in many traditional and untraditional treatments that were unsuccessful. After rescuing a horse (Chief) who had also suffered abuse at the hands of a human being and who exhibited the same fears and pain as her, she began a journey with him, to a place of peace, well-being and harmony with her world.

She has discovered that others can reach the same place of hope by being with the horse, and wants to share that with you. Whatever it is that has harmed you, frightened you, broken your spirit, or hurt your soul – please, just come as you are, with an open mind and truthful spirit and see what can happen in the presence of the horse. Contact us >

Read Katie’s poem to her horse Chief – Her Friend, Companion and Healer.