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Mr. Snuggles

Published on March 4, 2013 By HHeditor

Mr. Snuggles, an abandoned and fearful young horse, was aggressive toward humans but is now a caring, affectionate healer at Healing Horses.

2012 – A Busy Year

Published on February 10, 2013 By HHeditor

We just want to let everyone know that 2012 was an incredibly busy year. There were horses being rescued, donkeys being rescued, and even some cats and dogs! Healing Horses intervened in some way for over 50 horses in need. Not every one needed to be rescued, because a key goal in our work is [...]


Published on February 10, 2013 By HHeditor

When we first set eyes on this poor boy, who was just one of eleven horses at the same location, we were stunned and physically shocked at the level of neglect and abuse. His condition was one of the worst we had seen – starved almost to death – he had obviously suffered horribly. Along [...]


Published on February 10, 2013 By HHeditor

Relinquished by his owner, who was unable to care for him any longer – Midnight – this magnificent TWH was admitted to Healing Horses in February 2013. He is wearing padded show shoes on both front feet and will require specialized and extensive farrier work and musculoskeletal rehabilitation to re-balance his hooves and ensure he [...]

Basic Communication with Your Horse

Published on June 26, 2011 By HHeditor

Look for the seven signs that you are calmly communicating with your horse

To Chief – Katie’s companion on her journey of healing

Published on June 19, 2011 By HHeditor

Katie expresses her heartfelt feelings for her special friend – Chief

Round Pen Communication

Published on June 18, 2011 By HHeditor

Rehabilitation and healing take place in a secure, safe and familiar environment – the round pen


Published on June 18, 2011 By HHeditor

Gracie narrowly escaped final judgment to instead find a path to a new healthy, loving life.


Published on June 18, 2011 By HHeditor

Shaman’s journey to healing leads him to become a true Healing Horse